Battery Problems? Here are 6 Easy Steps to Safely Jumpstart Your Car

Ugh, the dreaded click-click-click when you turn the ignition. It’s an almost sure sign that your vehicle’s battery has died. Now what are the steps to jumpstart it again?

At Moffitt’s Ford, we have an easy list of six steps to employ to jumpstart your vehicle.

  1. Put both cars in Park or in Neutral, with the emergency brake set so that neither slides away while you’re working. Next, take out the jumper cables.
  2. Turn off both vehicles’ engines. Pop up both hoods and take a look inside.
  3. Attach one red clip to the Positive terminal of your vehicle’s battery. This should have the letters “POS” or a plus-sign.
  4. Next, attach the other red clip to the Positive terminal of the other vehicle’s battery.
  5. Attach the black clip to Negative battery terminal on the other person’s vehicle. And then attach the last black clip to an unpainted metal part of your own vehicle.
  6. Start the working car and then let the engine run for a few minutes. Try your own car’s engine. If it starts (and it should) then let the car run for several minutes before you try to drive it.

That’s all there is to it! Of course, your vehicle’s jumpstarted battery will still need replacement so the next place you should drive is to our service center here at Moffitt’s Ford. We’re located in Boone, IA, and look forward to assisting you.

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