Ford Edge Holds Advantages Over the Honda Passport in Boone

The Ford Edge is a standout option here at Moffitt's Ford and there's a good reason that you see plenty of them around Jefferson, Ames, and Perry. The mid-size SUV has all the attributes you could want, but we also know that drivers want to check out their options, especially in a segment where there are so many options. It's why we've done some of your homework for you, and compared the Ford Edge to the Honda Passport.

With the Ford Edge, you're going to find multiple trims and see that they appeal to lots of different people. The Edge offers a sporty ride with the Edge ST for standout responsiveness and a smooth ride with front- and all-wheel drive options. The Passport also can give you a standout ride, but it's catered toward the outdoors type, which is limiting, and the Edge can compete just as well with it in that regard.

As for pricing, the Edge starts at a lower price than the Passport, and gives you the same, along with many more standard features. There's also simple technology interface with FordPass™ and SYNC® 3 that is easy for anyone to use, while the Honda Passport requires more steps to get those basic tech features and doesn’t have as many options as the Edge.

With power under the hood, the Edge has more of it, and more options. It includes a turbocharged four-cylinder with 255 horsepower and a V6 with up to 335 horsepower, found on the Edge ST. The Passport near Boone can't say the same, and the Ford Edge has better combined fuel economy than the Honda Passport.

The Ford Edge has a lot to like and you can see it up close and personal here in our showroom. To learn more contact us at Moffitt's Ford and we'd be happy to discuss it and further compare it to the Honda Passport to show you all the advantages and take a test drive today.

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